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The services listed below can help you in other areas of your speaking business.  Some offer our members a discount, which would be listed below.  

Travel tips and savings https://onemileatatime.com/

RECUR is a mobile app that adds value to the content you are already delivering. Audience members subscribe to a feed that you curate based on the key learning points from your engagement.  These key learning points are then automatically re-delivered over time in the RECUR app to increase retention of the content AND your brand. Watch an introduction video here: https://youtu.be/DFp3NHs0TD4

Looking to become a published author? Check out SkillBites.net, a publishing platform designed specifically to help authors get their  books written, published and promoted easily and quickly. You’ll find all the resources and services you need in one convenient place, including: courses to help you write your book and publish it; book coaching; ghostwriting; editing; layout design; cover design; formatting for eBook and print book publication; account set-up for publishing on Amazon and other book retail sites; book promotion services such as launch campaigns, social media campaigns and best seller campaigns. www.skillbites.net

Book.Speak.Repeat.  Your audience is waiting.

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