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This lifetime membership is self paced and deals with professionalism on the booking, negotiation and follow up within the meeting planning industry.  It also includes current opportunities for media and speaking sent weekly. 


  • Set up call to review our site, back end content and discuss your goals for your first 90 days. 
  • 200 Leads for Private company training or corporate meeting planners.  Additional lists available for $20 each.
  • 25% discount to Kerry's Studio, Women's clothing boutique.
  • Weekly conference calls to do mock presentations, association reviews to uncover speaking opportunities and much more!
  • Discounted 1on1 coaching with Kerry.  Need some extra help, no problem, just login and book a time.  
  • ZOOM Auditions with meeting planners who are looking for Speakers (when requested by Meeting Planners)
  • Lifetime access to our Media Monday leads (potential interviews) and Speaker Saturday Call for speakers sent to your inbox every Monday and Saturday. 
  • Access to our Speaker in a Box content, listed below:

Alot of what you will learn deals with the booking side of speaking, this doesn't cover any topics related to becoming a Speaker, you must come into the program with that skillset.  Some of what you will learn will also help you if you want to host your own events as well.  Here's a snapshot of what we cover:

Level One

  • Your goals for speaking
  • The four elements for becoming a speaker/improving your speaking career, Expectations, Education, Experience and Execution
  • Your presentation, putting it together
  • Why you need to have a book, a website and a desire to be on the phone
Level Two
  • Free/Paid engagements
  • Determining your fee for today’s market
  • How to make money on the free events
  • Topics, Summaries, 3-5 takeaways, oh my!
  • Creating your PowerPoint, you will need one
  • Crafting an email for customization
  • Events, where to find them, how to customize the call for speaker’s form
  • What’s going on in the market, trade shows, conventions, colleges, high schools, private company events.
Level Three
  • Creating a plan of action
  • Creating a plan for follow-up and tracking
  • Creating time for submissions
  • Working your plan
  • Script writing and role playing
  • Making calls
  • Your first meeting with the meeting planner
  • Your pitch, relaying your message to their needs
  • Your fee, negotiating price
  • Setting boundaries
  • The event timeline
  • What happens next?


 Listing in our Speaker Directories, One for Associations, Colleges and Private Company Edition.  These are electronic and published 3 times a year.

What do Speakers say about working with us?

"She is an expert in sales, marketing, follow up, closing, business planning, and public speaking. She knows how to create workable systems resulting in maximum returns. She is also warm, funny, engaging, and personable. If you have a chance to work with Kerry, I would highly recommend her. "  P. Macgilore

Video recommendation here https://youtu.be/8jTWNBM_7To G. Tsipursky

"Really fun news Sharon, who was my meeting planner initiation call has reached out to me… Please see the thread below…"   E. Saxton

"Thank you so much for creating space for yesterday conversation with Cori & Susan I really appreciate it!! " A. Meehan

Who is this Product best suited for?

Are you....

* Easy to work with & can be negotiable on fees

* Is ready and able to build relationships with meeting planners over time

* Has your topics, summary and 3-5 takeaways ready to go   

* Understands this process takes time and needs to consistently apply for opportunities

Who doesn't need to participate?

Are you a Speaker who:

* Doesn't respond or show up for calls and refuses to take less than your fee
* Wants Keynotes only at $10K++ a pop
* Wants to dump the process on someone else and not participate in your own success
* Wants this to happen yesterday, t
hen this wouldn't be the right fit for you, but we do wish you success. 

What is the cost?  The investment is $1,997 for lifetime access or 5 payments of $450.

Is attendance required?  This is self paced, the more you use it and attend the weekly calls, the better your chances of getting booked.

What happens next?  Sign up below and start going through the modules, join us for our weekly call and receive your call for speaker opportunities via email.  

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