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Terms and Conditions

I understand and agree to the following:

Book. Speak. Repeat. (BSR) cannot guarantee I will get booked--that is up to me and the Meeting Planner. Book. Speak. Repeat. does guarantee I will get seen, be provided with introductions and have conversations with Meeting Planners.  What happens after that is up to me. The BSR Set up call and the Speaker in a Box content is designed to help prepare me to negotiate and handle what Book. Speak. Repeat. sends my way.  If I am in the Elite program the same applies.

I understand I have to participate in this process for it to be successful. I understand once BSR makes an introduction they are out of the process and it is my responsibility to follow up with Meeting Planners.  I agree to use the formats that are provided in the Speaker in a box program to the best of my efforts to produce results for my speaking and media needs.

I understand this process can take up to six (6) months before I start booking events, and continued follow up from myself must be done to get certain bookings closed.  I further understand that BSR strongly discourages me from using an assistant or outside source in the relationship building process, as I must be involved in my own success.  

I understand and accept that I must conduct myself in a professional manner at all times.  The opportunities for auditions are offered to all speakers in the Speaker Academy and Speaker in a box program, I understand unorthodox behavior jeopardizes opportunities for other Speakers in the program.  If my behavior is deemed unacceptable (which includes but not limited to:  Profanity, no show/no call, slander and other behaviors that can jeopardize BSR and their speakers from obtaining opportunities with meeting planners) I understand and accept I may be asked to leave the program, no refunds will be issued in this case.  

I understand that if I am selling services to speakers such as coaching, media or publishing services I will removed from the program, no refunds are given.  I understand and accept this is a violation of the terms and conditions.

I understand and accept BSR does not issue refunds as I am paying for access to the program, weekly calls, access to auditions, call for speakers and media requests, my membership is a lifetime membership for me to use or not use. The other benefits are value added.  By checking the box on the application, I understand and agree to these terms.  

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