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Speaker in a Box Audio Program

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This audio program includes audio and printable handouts to help you create speaking topics all the way through finding speaking engagements. Some of the audio modules include: *How to create a plan for your speaking business. *How to write emails that get opened and get read. * 4 E’s of Speaking—Expectation, Education, Experience and Execution. *Determining your fee for today’s market. *Should you do free speeches? (The answer will surprise you!) *How to develop topics, summaries and takeaways—the key ingredients in a great speaking proposal. * Creating a bio that gets noticed and remembered! * Power Point or not? *How to make your presentation retention 100%, so Attendees will remember everything you said *How to make your presentation so interactive that no one wants to leave! *Where to find speaking events. *The speaking niches: conferences/conventions, trade shows, schools, colleges, private company events. *How to make cold calls that get you through the “gatekeepers” to the person who can sign your check! *How to negotiate fees. (Hint: speakers who don’t negotiate aren’t working as much as they could!) *How to build relationships with meeting planners. *Tips to make event planners love you! *How to utilize speaker evaluations and feedback. *Tips and techniques and secrets for saving time and money on the road. *Getting other gigs in the same area. *Why you should do your own events. *How to leverage media coverage for more speaking engagements. *How to set up a media plan. *How to interview like a pro. *Where to find media opportunities. Each level is self paced.

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