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If you've thought about becoming a Professional Speaker Full or Part Time, you are in the right place! At Book.Speak.Repeat., we not only offer training for professionals who wish to turn their knowledge and platform into extra income, we also provide a way for them to generate qualified leads for their business and help them establish expert status in their industry.  Our Academy is perfect for the busy professional, operating in a completely virtual environment that is self-paced and supported with weekly ZOOM meetings for your convenience.  Graduates are able to accelerate with certification and can later enter into one of our programs for speakers.  

The timeline of the Academy is 90 days, with enrollment available every 30 days.  Graduates are part of our online learning platform for an additional 6 months.  Although this is a non-accredited program, we take great care to ensure you are prepared to give a presentation with everything Meeting Planners require, including a published product.  An outline of the course program is listed below.  Tuition can be paid in full or financed over 12 months at an affordable rate. 

Our Training will prepare you to get in front of Meeting Planners and Conference Organizers in a Variety of Speaking Niches…   

In our program we cover....

  • Your goals for speaking
  • The four elements for becoming a speaker/improving your speaking career, Expectations, Education, Experience and Execution
  • Your presentation, putting it together
  • Why you need to have a book, a website and a desire to be on the phone
  • Free/Paid engagements
  • Determining your fee for today’s market
  • How to make money on the free events
  • Topics, Summaries, 3-5 takeaways for each Speech
  • Creating your PowerPoint, you will need one
  • Crafting an email for customization
  • Events, where to find them, how to customize the call for speaker’s form
  • What’s going on in the market, trade shows, conventions, colleges, high schools, private company events.
  • Creating a plan of action
  • Creating a plan for follow-up and tracking
  • Creating time for submissions
  • Working your plan
  • Script writing and role playing
  • Making calls
  • Your first meeting with the meeting planner
  • Your pitch, relaying your message to their needs
  • Your fee, negotiating price
  • Setting boundaries
  • The event timeline
  • What happens next?
  • Tips for booking travel/hotel to save and earn points/miles for yourself
  • Maximizing your time in each city
  • Marketing the event
  • The day of the event
  • After your speech
  • Getting re-booked for the following year
  • Tips to make the event planners job easier
  • What to do with feedback
  • Repeating the process
  • Relationship building with the meeting planner
  •  Media coverage: How to get it and leverage it to gain more speaking engagements.
  • Creating a Bio that sizzles 
  • Coming up with sample topics for media coverage to add value to audience
  • Coming up with sample questions for each topic to add value to audience and create a buying environment
  • Creating a call to action that works
  • Rehearse your role: Interview like a professional
  • Acting techniques that can improve your interview
  • Creating a Media Plan (Emails, Press Page, and more)
  • Where to look for media opportunities continuously.
  • Get exposure on 50 media outlets in 6 months
  • How to use media exposure to gain more engagements and close more deals.

Minute with the meeting planner. Each Student gets 10 minutes in front of a meeting planner. This is your chance to get feedback. You will provide them with your speakers sheet, topics, and do a 2-minute partial presentation (recorded at events in person). The meeting planner will give you feedback based on your presentation, marketing materials and appearance.

Would you like to have a conversation about your potential in the industry? 

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