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I didn’t recognize the number….A Speakers poem

19 Feb 2020 3:52 PM | Kerry Kathleen Heaps (Administrator)

I didn’t recognize the phone number calling me

   My goal for speaking gigs this year is sixty-three

Why can’t I get more speaking leads?

    My topics cover your speaking needs…

I didn’t recognize the number calling me

    It’s the meeting planner calling me, oh gee!

I don’t want to be bothered with marketing calls

    I just want to get booked a lot this fall.

Why is my calendar empty, no bookings in site?

   Meeting planners should be booking me with all their might

   What could be wrong with my process, have I lost sight?

   I’m angry at the process, do I have that right?

I didn’t recognize the number calling me

   Looks like I’m backing to speaking for free

Book.Speak.Repeat.  Your audience is waiting.

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