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  • 14 Jul 2021 5:12 PM | Kerry Kathleen Heaps (Administrator)

  • 7 Jul 2021 5:35 PM | Kerry Kathleen Heaps (Administrator)

    Need help with the process? Our Speaker in a Box program is perfect for you! 

  • 19 May 2021 5:38 PM | Kerry Kathleen Heaps (Administrator)

    The meeting planning industry can be frustrating to navigate as a  Speaker.  Dates are changed, educational lineup is altered, etc., which makes the process of following much more crucial in this industry.  As a Speaker, the responsibility of follow up lies in our hands.  I've compiled a few tips to help you stay organized during the journey:

    1.  Keep a journal.   For our clients, we have a special speakers journal that details every call a meeting planner.  This way, everything is in the same place, dates of calls, what transpired, what needs to happen with follow up and it can easily be put on the schedule for the next follow up interaction.

    2.  Write detailed notes.  So many speakers make the mistake of thinking they will remember everything.  Make sure you jot down all the notes you can, this is going to help you with follow up, especially if that has to occur 3 months later.  

    3.  Have a list of follow up activities.  Make a list of tasks you can do as light touches with your prospects.  Some can include, sending connection requests on social media, sending a thank you note in the mail, sending a podcast or interview that you have recently completed, making a beneficial introduction, sending an article of interest or industry related.  

    You will find that doing these tasks will keep your pipeline filled, it will also keep your name in front of the meeting planner in a positive way. 

  • 19 Feb 2020 3:52 PM | Kerry Kathleen Heaps (Administrator)

    I didn’t recognize the phone number calling me

       My goal for speaking gigs this year is sixty-three

    Why can’t I get more speaking leads?

        My topics cover your speaking needs…

    I didn’t recognize the number calling me

        It’s the meeting planner calling me, oh gee!

    I don’t want to be bothered with marketing calls

        I just want to get booked a lot this fall.

    Why is my calendar empty, no bookings in site?

       Meeting planners should be booking me with all their might

       What could be wrong with my process, have I lost sight?

       I’m angry at the process, do I have that right?

    I didn’t recognize the number calling me

       Looks like I’m backing to speaking for free

  • 27 Jan 2020 12:15 AM | Kerry Kathleen Heaps (Administrator)

  • 13 Nov 2019 8:26 PM | Kerry Kathleen Heaps (Administrator)

    The holidays tend to make most people slow down their pace at work, and even most Entrepreneurs do as well.  But way!  This is one of the best times for submission opportunities as most companies are booking for summer and year end opportunities for the UPCOMING year. 

    This is the time to strike, fill out the forms, make calls, build those relationships so you can ensure a full calendar for 2020!

  • 25 Sep 2019 9:01 PM | Kerry Kathleen Heaps (Administrator)

    Following up with the meeting planner is crucial to your success as a Speaker.  I have listed a few ideas below to add to your arsenal and keep being pleasantly persistent with meeting planners!

    1. Send the latest media interview (TV, Radio, Podcast, etc) that you were a guest on to help showcase your expertise.
    2. Find out when their birthday is and send them a card in the mail.
    3. Send a copy of your latest blog post, white paper or if you host your own show, ask if they would like to be on your mailing list.
    4. Send them article of interest for their industry.
    5. If you are speaking near their area, invite them to be a guest to hear you first hand.
    6. Introduce them to industry contacts that would benefit them or their business.
    7. Send a followup email or conduct a call just to check in.
    8. Send a thank you note. 
    9. Connect with them on social media outlets.
    10. Send a promotional item, or copy of your book as a gift.

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