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“ Increase Your Opportunities in the New Era of The Speaking Industry!”

There are three ways to get your message out can share it on the stage, spill it on the page, or borrow someone else's microphone and engage.  

I get it, there are tons of programs, opportunities, etc. out there that are promising Professionals the world and not delivering.  Tell me if any of this sounds familiar....

"You can attract your speaking gigs with simple everyday techniques to make you irresistible to meeting planners"  (You still have to do the work)

"You don't need to fill RFP's or Call for speaker requests, those forms, those are for suckers"  (If you want to speak at the big conferences, you have to fill these out, those are the speakers that get considered, I don't care what your brothers' best friend sister who is a speaker told you)

"You need a Publisher to get you book on Amazon"  (You can self publish within an hour at no cost to you)

"You need to look at ROI before you start doing Podcasts and writing articles" (Some of your best clients can be generated from smaller outlets, but you have to know how to repurpose your interviews)

and my personal favorite.... "Don't take that unpaid Keynote, hold out for $10K, you are worth it"  (The People I know implementing this are in foreclosure)

The facts are:

  • The industry has changed A LOT in the past 10 years, there are more Professionals participating in speaking then there are paid events and recent events have made even more changes, especially to fees.  
  • Meeting Planners are the ones that get you hired, not other Speakers so make sure you are getting feedback from the right professionals.
  • The fees out there range from $500-$4K for a workshop or breakout session and the occasional $5K-10K on Keynotes with expenses paid.  (Note the occasional, as they are few and far between - the only exception is private company training/consulting)
  • If you are not easy to work with and negotiable on your fee, you won't work.
  • Even with everything going on in the world today, there are still PLENTY of events being planned, in person and virtual.
  • You need to have something else generating income, Speaking is building future income on your calendar, its not immediate.  What we see coming in for submission is for 8-12 months out, its ALWAYS been this way.

Who the heck am I to be telling you this??? 

My name is Kerry Kathleen Heaps, that's me in the picture, wearing the tan dress, this was taken at MWVA

convention in Columbus, Ohio three years ago where I taught a media workshop, those were my "hot seat" participants.  The one below is from my virtual participation in Expert Speaker Live.  When I first started my Business in 2005, I was also a meeting planner, so I understand both sides of the show.  I got back into the industry over six years ago and my first instinct was good grief this is nuts!  It took me and my team about six months to figure out the new process and how it works and created my own internal systems to get booked.  I knew this was a pain point for other Professionals who want to use speaking as a marketing tool, so that is how Book.Speak Repeat. was born. 

Our goal is to help Professionals save time by finding the opportunities for speaking and media that they can apply to and to ensure they have face to face interactions with Meeting Planners via our ZOOM calls each month.  What happens after that is up to you, follow up and closing are your responsibility.  I don't sugar coat or coddle, I will cheer you on and call you out on tasks you are not following through on.  If you are looking for someone to stroke your ego, move on.  I have many Professionals in the program as well as Beginners, anyone can do this in 3-5 hours per week, its just a matter of putting in the time and effort and not giving up too early or making the process complicated with overthinking it.  

Who is this best suited for?

Are you someone who....

Is easy to work with & can be negotiable on fees & understand the value of free events...
Ready and able to build relationships with meeting planners over time...
Has your topics, summary and 3-5 takeaways ready to go...
Understands this process takes time and needs to consistently apply for opportunities...

Who doesn't need to participate?

Are you a someone who:

 Doesn't respond or show up for calls and refuses to take less than your fee
 Wants Keynotes only at $10K++ a pop
 Wants to dump the process on someone else and not participate in your own success
 Wants this to happen yesterday, this wouldn't be the right fit, but we do wish you success. 

What do meeting planners say about our service?   

"Thank you for organizing these zoom calls! Very Informative & I learned so much about each speaker!" J. Green, Owner Planning4U

"I spoke with Layne yesterday and was really impressed with him and his program.  His topic and expertise are spot-on and I was wondering if you’d be ok if I post about him on LinkedIn for my network to become aware of what he’s doing." S. Defelicies, MosaicMeetings

"Great lineup of speakers - enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the feedback. Good job everyone - productive and informative". V. Ascione, CMP

"Appreciate being included. Great speakers!" D. Herrin, CMP

"So fun! Thanks Kerry!" C. Dossett, CMP IMP  

Everyone's goals are different, some would love to do this full time, others, just part time to find prospective clients for their Business in the audience.  During your set up call, we will help you create a 90 day plan of action to achieve your goals and get you off to a running start. We walk everyone through this process and ensure you are ready to move onto the next step during your Set up period.

This program is self-paced and involves effort on your part, we provide the tools, opportunities are put in front of you, but after that, its up to you to do the work.  Your participation in the program is the magic that makes it work. If you are focused more on the MONEY rather than your MESSAGE, this isn't the program for you.



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